FunRock Wall Pricing


    Per Person: $3.50

    Included In All-Day Unlimited Play
    Available in Mario or Luigi Combos

    FunRock Wall Parties

    We have amazing discounts on FunRock Wall Birthday Parties for kids, teens, and "big kids" :)

    And also group parties for schools, churches, businesses, sports teams, boy & girls scouts, and more

    FunRock Wall

    The ONLY Moving Rockwall in Town!

    The Family Fun Center XL is proud to offer the FunRock Wall as one of our attractions. It is a super fun and super cool way to rock climb. One of the unique features of the FunRock Wall is that it moves like a conveyor belt so you never worry about reaching the top but you can keep going and going! The FunRock Wall also leans forwards and backwards and adjusts automatically based on the difficulty level you choose. Oh yeah, we should mention that the FunRock Wall has 16 different difficulty levels for you to choose from from Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert.

    The FunRock Wall is great fun for kids, teens and adults. It is available for purchase as individual game and is included in our popular Mario/Luigi combos or Unlimited Play packages.