Laser Tag Pricing


    1 Game: $5.99
    3 Games: $15.99
    Group 10pk: $49.99

    Unlimited Lasertag $25
    Unlimited Mon/Tue $15

    Minimum 3 years old

    Laser Tag Parties

    We have amazing discounts on Lazertag Birthday Parties for kids, teens, and "big kids" :)

    And also group parties for schools, churches, businesses, sports teams, boy & girls scouts, and more

    Daily Featured Games

    Monday: Space Marines 5
    Tuesday: Zombies vs Survivors
    Wednesday: Sniper Training
    Thursday: Highlander
    Weekends: Capture the Flag

    NEW Next-Gen Laser Tag System

    Unlike Anything in Omaha!

    We've just renovated our Lasertag system and arena with a completely new Laserforce Next-Gen Black Ops Laser Tag! It offers features and powerups unlike anything in Omaha:

    • Track your game results online with a personal game card
    • Hit 3 players and power up with machine guns, rocket launchers, shields or more
    • Play more and level up for better power ups
    • Earn hundreds of achievements and check your results on the touch-screen kiosks
    • Play advanced game like Space Marines 5, Zombies vs Survivors, or Capture the Flag
    • All this in Omaha‚Äôs only 3-Level arena themed with the coolest Black Ops theme!

    Track Your Results:

    Each player will be issued a Power Card to track their results. Power Cards are easy to use. Just touch your card to the front of your battlesuit and it will activate your player profile. After your laser tag game, you and your friends can view your stats and achievement progression on the touch screen kiosk.

    Skill Based Leveling

    Built into the the skill level system is an automatic handicapping system that creates a level playing field between new players and experienced players. For example, an experienced player who is level 4, 5 or 6 has to zap level 1 and 2 players three times to deactivate them. Where as new players, who are level 1, 2 or 3, only have to zap players once.

    Amazing Powerups:

    Power Cards let you choose your own unique codename so you can earn awesome laser tag power ups like invulnerability, missiles or even nukes! As you level up you unlock special abilities unique to each level.

    • Level 1: Rapid Fire (Hold down the trigger to fire rapidly)
    • Level 2: Invulnerability (Cannot be hit for 10 seconds)
    • Level 3: Payback (Instantly reactivates the battlesuit after being hit)
    • Level 4: Missiles (Lock-on to your opponent for major points & damage)
    • Level 5: Reset (Deactivates a player again when down)
    • Level 6: Nuke (Deactivates every level 6 player in arena)

    Hundreds of Achievements:

    In addition to their skill level players can also partake in challenges to unlock hundreds of achievements. The on-board computer will notify players when they have completed a challenge and an achievement will permanently appear on their profile in recognition of their accomplishment. Unlocking achievements will unlock further more difficult challenges and you must ask yourself, are you up to the challenge? Here are some examples:

    • Can't Touch This - Get zapped less than 20 times in a regular game.
    • Trigger Happy - Earn rapid fire 5 times in a regular game.
    • Target Destroyed - Destroy an in-field target or generator.
    • I'm The Juggernaut - Earn invulnerability 3 times in a regular game.
    • No Cheap Shots - Don't fire a shot in a game of Shadows.
    • Master - Play a total of 100 games.
    • Full House - Play each of the character classes in SM5.
    • Lasermaster - Achieve the rank of Level 6 - Lasermaster.
    • And many, many more...

    Advanced Game Modes

    We normally run standard Team and Individual game modes. But on select dasy we will play Advanced game types which are a lot more challenging than standard games and are a great way for players to hone their skills. Playing the many available advanced game types will train players to fire and evade missiles, detonate nukes, fire accurately, use shots sparingly, survive on limited lives and more. For maximum enjoyment players should attempt to master the standard game types before trying to play the advanced game types.

    • Death Match - Players battle it out against their opponents, collecting as many powerups as possible to increase their battle strength. Powerups include: Nailgun, Rocket Launcher, Armour, Super Health, Invisibility, Quad, Invulnerability, Haste, Regeneration, Resistance, Strength.
    • Capture the Flag - Try to shoot your opponents base to pickup their flag and return it to your base before being deactivated
    • Zombies vs Survivors - One player is a green zombie, they fire slow. But if hit you are infected and must get a 1-time antidote from your home base. Can you survive until time runs out?
    • Color Conquest - Players are randomly assigned colors. Shoot the other colors. If hit you lose a life. If you hit someone you gain a life. If you take someones last life they change to your color. Once everyone is on the same team the game resets until time runs out.
    • Highlander - Players have unlimited shots and unlimited missiles. At the start of the mission, both shots and missiles fire very slowly. As the mission progresses however, the shot and missile speed increases until it reaches a maximum at the climax of the mission. Eliminating a player gains you their special points. Last player standing wins!
    • Space Marines 5 - The most advanced game mode, also used in league and tournament play. Players have limited lives, shots and missiles. A player who loses all their lives is eliminated from the mission. Two teams compete with each player taking a specific Space Marines role from the five different types available. Commander can launch nukes. Heavy Weapons is the strongest class. Scout is the weakest but has the most lives and ammo. The medic resupplies lives. The ammo carrier resupplies shots.
    • Many, many more game modes. We feature different game modes on different days of the week

    Omaha's Only 3-Level Arena

    The Family Fun Center XL is home to Omaha's only 3 Level Laser Tag arena! That's right, no longer settle for 1 level, not even 2 levels, but 3 Levels of non-stop Laser Tag action. Each level is themed to a different zone, special effects lights are flashing everywhere, and the entire arena is pounding with adrenaline-pumping music to keep you amped!

    Black Ops Theme:

    The coolest Laser Tag system needs the coolest theme. Black Ops has arrived. You'll be trained by the best commanders in the world to become an elite special forces unit sent anywhere your help is needed. The arena has 8 special targets you can shoot to maximize your points. There are 2 beacon screens you can shoot for powerups or special scoring. And up to 3 teams can play in team mode, each with their own base.

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