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Play a Real Arcade Game at your Home/Event!

Make your special party event Super Special

How would you like to blow away the guests to your next party at home with a real arcade game at your next event! The game of your choice will be set to free-play so no need for quarters. Rental is for a 24 hour period. Pricing discounts available for additional days or if you rent multiple machines. We will even deliver it to your door/garage and take it back for no additional charge! Read below for game selection and availability.

Game Rental Pricing

$450/day Category

Nascar Racing (per seat, up to 4 available) game info
Air Hockey (full arcade size air hockey table)

$300/day Category

Prize Crane (for winning stuffed animals/etc, you provide the prizes)
Terminator Salvation game info
Fast and Furious Drift (per seat, 2 available) game info
Time Crisis 4 game info
Pool Table (regulation Valley pool table with cue sticks, balls, triangle and chalk)
Confidential Mission game info

$250/day Category

Dance Dance Revolution game info
In the Groove 2 (DDR copy) game info
Mario Kart (per seat, 3 available) game info
Monopoly Pinball game info
Ninja Assault game info
Star Wars Trilogy game info
NFL Blitz game info A football game that 4 people can play at the same time.
Gauntlet Legends game infoAn adventure game where 4 people play at the same time.

$200/day Category

Classic Multigame Horizontal (includes 19 games like Robotron, Defender, Mario Bros, etc.)
Classic Multigame Cocktail (a sit down cabinet, includes over 30 games like Ms. Pacman, Galaga, Dig Dug, etc.)
Classic Multigame Super NeoGeo (includes over 100 games like King of Fighters 95-2000, Final Fight, Metal Slug, etc.)
Street Fighter 3 game info
Marvel vs. Capcom 2 game info
Viper game info