Paintball Pricing


Per Person: $8.99
Group (8+): $7.99

(Plus Tax)

Paintball Parties

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Indoor Paintless Paintball

A Unique Game Of Paintball

The Family Fun Center XL has the only indoor Paintball arena in Omaha. The price of admission includes: rental of a high quality Tippmann paintball marker (gun), Mask (face protection) and Paintless Paintballs. Unique to the Family Fun Center XL's paintball is the use of paintless paintballs. You can play Paintball without the mess! These are the same type of paintballs used by pro players who use them in their practice training. They sting, and might even leave a welt, but that's just part of the game. If you don't want to get hit, then don't play paintball :) Actually, if you don't want to get hurt by the sting of paintballs, you should consider Bazooka Ball.

The Arena

The 2,500 square foot arena is divided in half for each team with a center barrier wall. Each team has plenty of obstacles for hiding and providing cover including: Home Bases, Bunkers, Tires, Barrels, Crumbling Brick Walls, Cinder Block Bunkers, Wood Crates and more. Our XL arena features a higher ceiling and each team has an awesome "Eagle's Nest" sniper tower! The entire game time inside the arena is about 7 minutes with pounding music and a drill sergeant barking out orders to keep you in line!


How do you keep track of score in paintless paintball, you ask? That's easy, because every player wears a scorekeeping vest that electronically keep track of score. Every time you hit the vest of a player on the other team, their vest will flash and points are displayed in real time on the big scoreboard. So blast your friends as much as you can. But wait, there's more! There are also 15 sticks of orange Dynamite hidden throughout each team's half of the arena. Find a stick, return it back to your home base, drop it in the "TNT Return" tube and get 5 more points. Do the math and that's 75 points you can get in Dynamite alone. That sounds easy, right... Well wait until the other team is firing at you will paintballs flying 140mph and you won't think it's that easy :) When the time runs out, talk some smack with the other team and show them that "you've got scoreboard"!

Mission Briefing

Want a better idea of what to expect? Want to be fully prepared for Special Forces Paintball action BEFORE you arrive? Then watch our briefing video below so you'll know just what to expect:

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