Glow Golf Pricing


    Per Person: $5.99
    Kids (under 55"): $4.99
    Seniors (60+): $4.99

    (Plus Tax)

    Glow Golf Parties

    We have amazing discounts on Glow Golf Birthday Parties for kids, teens, and "big kids" :)

    And also group parties for schools, churches, businesses, sports teams, boy & girls scouts, and more

    Mischief Golf


    New Optional Mischief Golf Added To Glow Golf Course

    The Family Fun Center XL is very proud to announce the addition of Mischief Golf as an optional feature to our Glow Golf: Arcade Heroes miniature golf course. In mischief golf there is a spinner at the start of every hole. Each person spins the spinner for a fun new challenge on every hole. Challenges include:

    • Putt between your legs granny style
    • Hit the ball with your eyes closed
    • Use the club like a pool cue
    • Have another player stand on the hole as another obstacle
    • Use your foot as your club
    • and many more!!!

    Mischief Golf makes for great silly fun. You'll be laughing and smiling at every person's new challenge with no two games alike. Mischief Golf is a FREE FEATURE with no additonal charge, it's just part of Glow Golf's every day low price. Come check out Mischief Golf at the Family Fun Center XL today.


    Glow Golf: Arcade Heroes

    Each Hole Is A Different Videogame Hero

    The Family Fun Center XL is proud to offer Omaha's ONLY Indoor Mini Golf Course. Our Glow Golf is a blacklight putt putt miniature golf course themed to the greatest Arcade Heroes of all time. It is the coolest thing to hit the mini golf Omaha course scene in years and you are going to love it. Every hole is themed to a different videogame hero or heroine through time. You'll find all your favorites like Pacman, Mario, Link and much more! Play the standard game of miniature golf, or try out the optional Mischief Golf for even more fun!

    • 18 holes of indoor putt putt mini golf
    • Blacklight with bright glowing fluorescent holes and obstacles (but not too dark)
    • Watch the history of video games and world history unfold from the 70s thru today
    • Every hole is specially designed to represent a video game hero or heroine
    • Fun and challenging hole design with a hole-in-one possible on every hole
    • Mischief Golf optional feature on EVERY hole for crazy new fun that is different every time you play
    • This is going to be a mini-golf experience unlike anything you've had before on a miniature golf course in Omaha!



    The Holes, The Heroes

    1. Pac-Man
    2. Q*bert
    3. Donkey Kong
    4. Tron
    5. Frogger
    6. Dirk the Daring (Dragon's Lair)
    7. Mario
    8. Mega Man
    9. Link (Zelda)
    10. Samus (Metroid)
    11. Snake (Metal Gear)
    12. Sonic the Hedgehog
    13. Ryu and Chun Li (Street Fighter)
    14. Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)
    15. Rage and Emi (Dance Dance Revolution)
    16. Crash Bandicoot
    17. Master Chief (Halo)
    18. Angry Birds

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