Quantity Discounts

  • 8-30 Guests = Standard group pricing
  • 31-49 = Save $0.25/guest
  • 50-99 = Save $0.50/guest
  • 100+ = Save $0.75/guest

Booking Details

  • Seating is provided for paid guests only. Additional seating is available for $20 per additional 10-guests.
  • Outside food and drink are not allowed, except for cake and ice cream.
  • Final pricing will reflect Nebraska sales tax and Omaha restaurant tax.
  • Non-discounted pricing for 8 guests is as follows: Package 1: $219.99, Package 2: $189.99, Package 3: $159.99.
  • Prices subject to change without notice.

Add-ons or Cancelling

  • If you need to add more guests prior to your party you can call us and add them over the phone with a credit/debit card
  • If you need to add more guests on the day of your party you can still add them, just at the non pre-paid pricing
  • If you need to cancel your party you can get a cash refund only if you cancel prior to the day of the party, refunds will be issued by request within 72 hours
  • If you need to cancel your party or any guest reservations on the day of your party you cannot get a cash refund. However you can get credit in the form of Gamecards, Attractions, Buffets, etc. Just ask a manger for your options and we will find out what works best for you.


General Information

Group Name*:
Party Date*:
Party Time*:
# Of Guests*:
(Minimum 8)
Party Leader*:
Day Phone:
Mobile Phone*:
Email Address*:
Extra Tables:
You will have one table set up for every 10-12 paid guests. If you'll need additional seating for non-paying friends or relatives, extra tables may be reserved now for $20 per table. These extra tables may not be available on Saturday.
Theme Option:
We have TWO SCARE LEVELS to choose for your group. LOW Scare has zombie themed attractions with NO actors and great for kids ages 6+. EXTREME Scare is the most popular and is available Fri/Sat/Sun from 7pm-10pm with ACTORS in full costume whose goal is to scare your pants off, great for ages 12+/teens/adults.

Payment Information

Credit Card Number*:
Name on Credit Card*:
Security Code*:
Expiration Date*:

Pricing Information

Fun Cost:
Food Cost:
Extra Tables:
Restaurant Tax:

Zombie Hunting House Party Pre-Payment Terms and Conditions

Prepayment will be refunded in cash only if we are notified of your party cancellation prior to your party reservation date. If we are not notified prior to your reservation and you should have any guest or party cancellations you will be able to get credit for the prepayment towards another event or towards Game Cards, but you must contact us within one week following your party reservation date. Please be aware that the charge on your statement will appear as "Family Fun Center XL".