The Family Fun Center XL no longer have Paintball or Bazooka Ball available as attractions as of 5/2/2016.
We will be expanding our arcade at the request of our customers to soon offer one of the largest arcades in the Omaha area!

Bazooka Ball Pricing


Per Person: $7.99
Group (8+): $6.99

(Plus Tax)

Bazooka Ball Parties

We have amazing discounts on Bazooka Ball Birthday Parties for kids, teens, and "big kids" :)

And also group parties for schools, churches, businesses, sports teams, boy & girls scouts, and more

Soft Foam Bazooka Ball

There's Only One Bazooka Ball

The Family Fun Center XL has the only Bazooka Ball arena in the entire Midwest. The price of admission includes: rental of a high quality Bazooka Cannon that fires soft foam 2" balls, mask, and scorekeeping vests. What is Bazooka Ball, you ask? It's a lot like Jr. Paintball where you blast your family or friends without the potential pain or welts of getting hit by a paintball. Getting hit doesn't even hurt in Bazooka Ball because you are shooting soft foam balls like a nerf ball. Any age can play (so long as you can lift/carry the cannons, usually around 5-6 years old) so it's great for little kids (paintball requires a minimum age of 10 years old). But it's not just for kids, all ages have a BLAST in Bazooka Ball!

The Arena

The 2,500 square foot arena is divided in half for each team with a center barrier wall. Each team has plenty of obstacles for hiding and providing cover including: Home Bases, Sniper Bunkers, Tires, Barrels, Crumbling Brick Walls, Cinder Block Bunkers, Wood Crates and more. Our XL arena features a higher ceiling and each team has an awesome "Eagle's Nest" sniper tower! The entire game time inside the arena is about 7 minutes with fun, exciting music to keep you going. Besides shooting each other for points, there are also extra targets you can shoot in the arena.

Mission Briefing

Want a better idea of what to expect? Want to be fully prepared for Soft Foam Bazooka Ball action BEFORE you arrive? Then watch our briefing video below so you'll know just what to expect:

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